CL Valve Process Solution's mission

is to provide customers with total process solutions. With this commitment, we have evolved into a leading provider of specialty products for all process applications.

We offer custom-designed products in stainless steel and exotic materials for a host of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, food and beverage, water treatment, petrochemical, semiconductor, institutions, aviation, and automotive & rail transport.

CL Valve Process Solutions is recognized in the market as a highly technical and professional sales force specializing in hygienic processing. Our extensive product lines prodive clients with an array of complete solutions that will best suit their requirements. Operating across Canada and abroad and now expanding into the United States, CL Valve Process Solutions is positioned to provide customers with specialty products and accessories that will improve productivity and reduce costs today and into the future.

"Our proud legacy, started in 1982, has been built on knowledge, innovative ideas, unique products and aftermarket support driven by solid customer satisfaction. We look forward to serving you."